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The central concept of Deligiannaki apartments building is the creation of a special shelter combining elegance, simplicity and unique aesthetics. The building volume breaks in such a way that it creates the feeling that it is a harmonic composition of pure solids, respecting their surrounding space, at human scale, offering pleasant living conditions for its occupants.


The building is designed in such a way to address a variety of different users, especially residents seeking the tranquillity of the location. The building consists of 6 apartments, large enough to meet the needs of a family. Specifically, 2 maisonettes and 4 apartments were designed.


The main dwelling areas are mostly oriented towards the western part of the building where large openings are also situated. In this way, both natural ventilation and lighting, as well as the partial view to the sea and the beautiful green area at the back of the plot are accomplished.

Accordingly, the living quarters -mainly bedrooms- that are set towards the east have a wonderful view of the green hill. The entrance of the pedestrians to the site is done centrally from Deligiannaki Street through a well designed open staircase.

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Adress: Strati Deligiannaki 11 Voula 166 73
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