The central concept of the Kekropos Street apartment building in Vari was the creation of a building that, with its unique design, combines elegance with high aesthetics. The use of white color and simple but high-quality materials adds a luxurious and minimal character to the building.

Moreover the design has been made with special care for users of all types, ages or particular needs. The building consists of 12 apartments, capable of covering the needs of an average family. Specifically, 3 maisonettes and 9 apartments were designed.


Each apartment is uniquely designed to combine the best possible orientation and includes balconies that offer the best views to the spaces they serve. Along with the rest of the comforts, this apartment building offers its tenants a semipublic garden-park, which can be used by people of all ages. This garden enhances the creation of a microclimate for the site itself, while making the building a landmark for the neighborhood.

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Adress: Kekropos 1, Vari 166 72, Greece
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