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The Kivelis project is residential building located on a south-east facing slope with views to the bay of Varkiza.


The architectural design of the building combines elegance and simplicity emphasizing in natural light and functionality. The external surfaces make use of modern materials such as wood, glass and concrete, creating harmony with the surrounding environment.


An emphasis is given to maximize the sea view advantage by creating wide openings leading to large balconies consolidating indoor and outdoor areas and expanding the livable area most time of the year.

Moreover, the design has been made with special care to preserve the privacy of each apartment by ensuring there is no visibility from one to the other apartment.


The energy efficiency design of the residences was based on the principles of cost savings and high performance. This ground and rooftop garden enhance the creation of a microclimate for the site itself, while making the building a landmark for the neighborhood.


The building is designed in such a way to address a variety of different users and is consisting of 3 Maisonettes and 7 Apartments

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Adress: Kivelis 4, Vari 166 72, Greece
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