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Mia Properties, a subsidiary of Dutch parent company Sturdious B.V., is a leading development company that specializes in building construction, land development, re-development, and trading of specialized building materials. With extensive industry experience and a commitment to innovation, Mia Properties has established a strong presence in the Greek high-demanding market.

Mia Properties carefully selects waterfront land to create exceptional residential networks in the highly desirable Athenian Riviera, located in the southern suburbs of Athens. Their aim is to provide clients with high-quality projects that meet a wide range of residential needs while ensuring efficient and cost-conscious service.

At Mia Properties, contemporary living spaces are a top priority, with a focus on functionality, pure aesthetics, direct contact with nature, and stunning views from floors and apartments. The company follows a synthetic principle, designing different typologies and sizes of apartments in each building, and incorporating the fundamental principles of bioclimatic architecture and the highest quality of construction and material choices. The result is a living space that provides the best possible living conditions to the residents throughout the year.

Mia Properties offers access to a broad range of residential properties, providing a high-quality lifestyle to their clients. With a commitment to perfection during construction and a focus on the highest standards of quality and design, Mia Properties is a trusted choice for those seeking exceptional living spaces in the Athenian Riviera.

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