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Iraklitou project is located in Miladeza, Vari, within a distance of just 2.5 kilometer from the seafront of Varkiza. It is comprised of 2 luxurious large villas, each one with a surrounding garden and a pool. Both properties have 4 levels; a basement level with natural lighting and ventilation which has its own bathroom and can be used as a playroom, a ground level with a spacious living room and dining area, a first floor with 3 bedrooms and lastly, a second floor with a big balcony and view of the horizon towards the sea.
The project expresses a robust thus minimal aesthetic, complete with bright layouts and generous outdoor spaces, always aligned with MIA Properties’ design approach. The villas will follow our company’s standards in terms of materiality and MEP infrastructure, including underfloor heating and fan-coil cooling. Every unit comes with two parking spots.

About Location

Vari, an enchanting suburb in Athens, Greece, combines the allure of coastal living with the charm of a traditional village. Situated in the southern part of the Athenian Riviera, Vari is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, sandy beaches, and crystalline waters. The area offers a tranquil escape from city life, while still providing easy access to the bustling Athens city center. With its rich cultural heritage, vibrant local markets, and diverse culinary scene, Vari is a delightful destination that captivates both visitors and residents alike. This serene yet dynamic setting is ideal for a property development project, ensuring an exceptional living experience in the heart of the Athenian Riviera.