Sampling Voula’s Traditional Meze: A Culinary Tour of the Best Small Plates

Voula is a culinary paradise that offers a variety of dining experiences, from upscale restaurants to cozy tavernas. One dining experience that you cannot miss out on is trying the traditional meze, or small plates. These tasty dishes are meant to be shared and offer a chance to taste a variety of flavors and ingredients.

One of the best spots to sample traditional meze in Voula is To Mouragio, a traditional taverna that offers a variety of small plates, including tzatziki, fava beans, and grilled octopus. The taverna’s outdoor seating area overlooks the sea, offering a beautiful backdrop for your meal.

Another great spot to try traditional meze is Mezedopoleio Oinomageiremata, a cozy restaurant that offers a range of Greek and Mediterranean-inspired dishes. Their meze plates are particularly delicious, with options like stuffed grape leaves, fried zucchini, and grilled eggplant.

For a more upscale dining experience, head to Nama Mezze Bar, a chic restaurant with a modern twist on traditional Greek cuisine. The restaurant offers a range of meze plates, including grilled halloumi cheese, lamb meatballs, and spanakopita.

If you’re looking for a lively atmosphere, head to Karamanlidika Fanis, a deli and meze bar that’s always buzzing with locals and tourists alike. The menu features a variety of small plates, including cured meats, cheeses, and spreads, all served in a cozy and inviting setting.

Finally, for a truly authentic experience, head to Ouzeri Tou Laki, a traditional ouzeri that’s been serving up meze plates for over 30 years. The menu features a variety of classic dishes, including grilled sardines, fried calamari, and a range of dips and spreads.

In conclusion, Voula is a meze-lover’s paradise, with a wide range of restaurants and tavernas offering delicious and authentic small plates. So indulge in the traditional meze of Voula, and taste the flavors and ingredients that have made Greek cuisine famous around the world.






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